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arboFuel Energy Bar is a great tasting, easily chewable energy bar for endurance training and racing. The scientifically proven formulation contains multiple transportable carbohydrates for maximum energy delivery. Improves exercise endurance performance & increase exercise oxidative capacity. It is also free from artificial flavourants, colourants
and preservatives.

• Multiple transportable carbohydrates to improve carbohydrate oxidation rates
• Improves exercise performance
• Maxamise gastric emptying rate
• Great tasting
• Gluten free

Benefitss and Usage

Optimal balance of maltodextrin and fructose (2:1). Numerous studies show that combining fructose with maltodextrin maximises carbohydrate oxidation rates, improves exercise performance, maximises gastric emptying rate and increases fluid absorption rate, delaying fatigue and delaying the onset of dehydration.