Cadence Nutrition - Revive

Help Prevent Excessive Muscle Damage, Fatigue and Exercise Related Immune Suppression

High intensity or resistance training can result in greater muscle tissue damage, requiring a higher concentration of protein to halt catabolism and accelerate muscle regeneration. Revive provides the ideal formulation to prevent excessive muscle damage, fatigue and immune suppression.

Ideal product for use after racing, prolonged training sessions
or resistance training

• Promote muscle recovery & hypertrophy
• Oxidise fats during subsequent exercise
• Reduce oxidative stress and tissue damage
• Maximise recovery & improve immune function
• Stimulate muscle anabolism & improve endurance performance

Benefits and Usage

Optimal carbohydrate and protein blend to maximise glycogen synthesis rate and promote muscle recovery and hypertrophy.

Mixed carbohydrate / protein drinks reduce exercise related muscle damage and catabolism, improve the rate of recovery and increase the ability to oxidise fats during subsequent exercise.

Added leucine to stimulate muscle anabolism and improve endurance performance.

Additional taurine to improve exercise performance and reduce exercise induced muscle damage.

Additional branched chain amino acids and glutamine maximise recovery and improve immune function.

Alpha-lipoic Acid reduces oxidative stress and tissue damage caused by prolonged exercise. Balanced electrolyte replacement formula.