Livepro Aerobic Stepper

The LivePro Aerobic Step is a great piece of commercial gym equipment for convenient, quick and effective workouts. Non-slip surface and easily adjustable workout at a pace that perfectly suits you.




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The LivePro LP8240 Step Aerobics differs from other forms of aerobic exercise because it involves use of an elevated platform, or Aerobic Step. Featuring a non-slip surface for peace of mind, the Aerobic Step allows you to easily adjust the height so you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout at a pace that perfectly suits you.

It provides a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for both beginners and experts, the Aerobic Step is easy to use and enables you to elevate your heart rate more quickly than traditional low-impact aerobics and enhances lower body shaping.

The Club Stepper is the low-impact, high-intensity way to work your whole body without injury, for a lifetime. It has been designed to incredibly stable and is easily one of the best aerobic steppers in the market.

Size: 98 x 38 x 15-25 cm