About us

K1 Sport specialises in the distribution and retail of home use and commercial fitness equipment. We strive to provide athletes with the highest quality equipment that can be found in order for them to achieve their full potential. K1 Sport is the exclusive distributor of several international brands such as Nordictrack, Proform, Livepro and Ellipse fitness among others to deliver first class equipment for Strength, Cardio and Functional workouts.

Whether you want to set up a home gym, garage gym or commercial gym get in touch with us for a fully equipped option.

Our Brands

K1 Sport has partnered with trusted international brands to provide athletes with the equipment and supplements to reach their full potential. See below a few of the main brands we distribute.



NordicTrack is the new definition of home fitness, leading the industry with innovative and ground-breaking advancement. NordicTrack is the leading premium solution for fitness, with a focus on design, and a legacy of providing more effective answers to weight loss.



ProForm is also a brand of ICON Health & Fitness.

The fitness world is constantly evolving. With new research and technologies comes greater knowledge and better results. ProForm® is the leader of in-home fitness, providing beautifully engineered products that are accessible, affordable, and infused with the latest in fitness technology.



Ellipse Fitness is a leading supplier of fitness equipment based in Portugal

We offer the very best in Commercial fitness equipment at affordable prices. When you partner with Ellipse Fitness, you will benefit from the experience, knowledge and support of an industry leader. We offer the most complete range of equipment available on the market. As your total fitness solution provider, a single source for all your equipment needs, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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For decades Liveup Sports has already established innovative-driven and quality ideas. With innovative design, efficient production,strict quality control, reasonable price and excellent service, we provide our customers with high-quality home fitness products.



ENGINEERED BY SCIENCE TO SPORT Cadence Nutrition's range of nutritional supplements are formulated and designed by Science to Sport. These formulation have been developed in accordance to strict peer reviewed science. There is no ingredient within any Cadence Nutrition energy or recovery product that can be contested with regards to proven efficacy.

They review the science pertaining to each and every ingredient, only including that ingredient if there are at least 3 peer reviewed scientific studies confirming its efficacy.

Finally, every ingredient is scrutinised to ensure that it is SAFE for competition, and NOT on the WADA prohibited substances or "banned" list.

Cadence Nutrition's goal is simple, to offer only the purest, scientifically validated ingredients formulated to be the most optimum nutritional supplement for all endurance sports.