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Proform Carbon TL

Proform Carbon TL Treadmill is the perfect treadmill for your home gym, made with ProShox cushioning, making your run more comfortable, meaning you can stay focused on your goals. Made with a 140cm deck, providing room to walk, jog, and run without feeling confined and the 46cm width gives you plenty of elbow room as you work out.


Proform Cross Trainer Carbon EL

ProForm® is America's No.1 selling fitness brand, with over 50 US Patents and over 20 years' experience in the industry. ProForm® Fitness works hard to produce equipment and technology that aspires to push you further each day.


Proform Sport TL

Walk, jog, and run around the world on the ProForm Sport TL Treadmill. SmartAdjust™ can automatically change your 0-16 kmph speed based on your workout history and performance for a hands-free, immersive experience. To change your incline, simply step off of the treadmill and set your incline manually to a 1% or 6% grade


Proform 225 CSX upright bike

The ProForm 225 CSX bike is equipped with magnetic resistance which is reinforced by the SMR™ system. This allows you to enjoy your sessions in silence and with ease depending on how high you wish to crank up the resistance. With a effective inertia of 8 kg, you will experience a smooth and comfortable pedaling motion. Finally, the digital resistance has 20 levels that can be changed by simply pressing + or - on your device for the best training.


Proform Rower Carbon RL

The smallest and cheapest model in Proform’s rower range that still manages to pack in the full benefits of iFit, the Sport RL sits comfortably in the mid-range for the price but packs a lot more than you might expect its sleek, modern frame.


Double core handle

The double handle is the ideal complement to your Workout core plate. Attach the double handle to a 50mm Olympic bar and increase your exercise possibilities.


Single core handle

FEATURESQuantity: 1Material: Powder-coated steelMaximum Load: 200 kgFUNCTIONSSuitable for all 5 mm diameter Olympic bars. It creates a great alternative to dumbbells, allowing you to work different muscle groups.


Adidas C-21 Upright Bike

The adidas C-21 exercise bike comes fully equipped to help build cardio endurance and target lower body muscles without causing impact strain on sensitive joints.


Adidas Xtrainer X-21

The adidas X-21 Cross Trainer is ideal for all-round fitness, allowing you to build muscular and cardio endurance without having to put impact strain through sensitive joints. The rear-drive 10 kg / 22 lb flywheel is efficient at storing kinetic energy, which in turn maintains momentum and creates a smooth, quiet elliptical motion. You can easily adjust the intensity of your workout by using the quick resistance keys located on the fixed handlebars to select one of the 24 levels of electronic resistance.


Livepro Hanging Core Mat

The Livepro hanging core mat serves as an underlay for lying on the floor and doing floor exercises of any kind. You can use it in different areas the studio on the training area or in the course, in school sports, even in therapeutic practices. It has 2 eyelets and can be stored on the wall with the help of a mat holder. It is made from PVC material.


Olympic Bar 20Kg Chrome

To be used with Olympic weight plates, this precision engineered bar is made from high-quality components including heavy duty brass bushes and 390 mm revolving sleeves.


Heavy duty pull up bar

Heavy duty pull up bar can hold up to 300Kg. Can be used for kipping.Gymnastic rings can be easily installed for more workouts.


Livepro Gym Chalk

When you are in the gym or climbing and want to have a better grip, talcum powder is the best choice. It is made of natural magnesium carbonate with no additives and fillers. When you work out, using talcum powder can greatly increase the friction between your palm and the equipment, thus increasing grip strength and not causing slippery hands. Whether it’s for weightlifting, kettlebell or dumbbell training, you can use it, and it also reduces the problem of sweaty palms.


Liveup Adjustable Dumbbell 10kg

Perfect addition to any standard strength training with weights for added intensity and resistance.They are comfortable, with no-slip color-coded coating is easy on floors and helps to protect dumbbells from wear and tear over time.


Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Livepro 10-pair Dumbbell RackThe 10-pair dumbbell rack keeps your free weight range organized and clean, resulting in a more comfortable training experience. The vertical storage makes it possible to use a minimum of space compared to conventional horizontal dumbbell racks.



Details The Olympics bar can be inserted intο the core plate for multipurposed training.It can be rotated and swung on multiple axes, thus performing a variety of different exercises, activating muscle groups, building explosive power, etc.The base is made of steel with a thickness of 9.9mm, with powder coated for wear and tear acceptance.Technical ParametersMaterial: steelWeight: 18kgBase thickness: 9.9mmBarrel diameter: 52mm


Livepro Set of 4 Resistance Bands

Achieve your training anywhere! Packed in a easy-carry bag with 4 sets resistance bands for men and women with mobility and flexibility. The band protects your joints and prevents injuries. Shop Now!


Liveup Resistance Bands

Shop the Resistance Band Exercise Loops to standard workouts. Great for assisted pull- up, weight lifting, pilates, yoga and stretching. Contact K1-Sport +230 5433 2248.


Liveup Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

The Chin-up Bar is an excellent upper body exercise tool. Allow you to perform wide and close-grip pull-ups and chin-ups, hanging abdominal exercises. Buy Now!


Livepro Boxing Gloves 10oz

Check out price and features of Livepro Boxing Gloves at K1-Sport. Click to browse more items from Livepro. Easy shopping and fast delivery. Contact today +230 5433 2248.


Livepro Boxing Gloves 12oz

Check out price and features of Livepro Boxing Gloves at K1-Sport. Click to browse more items from Livepro. Easy shopping and fast delivery. Contact today +230 5433 2248.


Livepro Boxing Gloves 14oz

Online shopping for Livepro Boxing Gloves 14oz from a great selection at Sports & Fitness gym equipments store. Extra wide velcro fastener ensures an optimal hand fit. Buy now!


Liveup - PVC Jumpe rope

Shop LIVEUP SPORTS - Pvc Jumpe Rope in Mauritius at K1-Sport. Comfortable and non-slip handles, Portable and easy to store. Shop today. Contact today +230 5433 2248.


Black Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates - Pair

Made of steel and rubber, designed for daily training with the barbell. The ring of the bumper’s central hole is made of steel that is melted with rubber. To ensure a solid grip, we have added two anchoring rods to the insertion hole, to prevent the central part from rotating. High resistance, a very low and controlled rebound, at an affordable price.


Black Rubber Tiles 1mx1m 15mm thickness

Find Ultimate Flooring 1 x 1m Rubber Gym Tile in Mauritius. Visit your online K1-Sport store for the widest range of gym assets. Easily maintained for long term commercial use. Shop now!


Cast Iron Kettlebells

The kettlebells are cast in one solid piece, creating a stronger, more reliable handle and a void free surface.




Crossfit Rack

This Crossfit Rack is a durable and cost effective training solution designed to enable versatility in any strength and conditioning programme. The Rack is robust suitable for squatting, pressing and benching.


Flat Bench

Heavy duty Flat benchThick padDimensions: Length 120cm x Width 30 cm x Height 46 cm


Flat, Incline and Decline bench

Sturdy all in one Flat, Incline and decline bench. Can also be used as Ab Bench


Livepro Aqua Punch Bag

Boxing water polo is the ideal training equipment for every boxer. The water bag made of PVC material is filled with water which better imitates the human touch than sand bags, and can automatically return to elasticity for more natural exercises


Livepro Barbell Rack

This vertical bar holder has a minimal footprint design that takes up a square foot of space. It can be set anywhere in your training zone that brings more workout space in your home, garage or commercial gym!


Livepro Battle Rope

The Live Pro Battle Rope is a tough training rope, an excellent choice for a versatile indoor-outdoor rope. Buy Livepro Battle Ropes for Strength Training Cross Fit Exercises Workout at K1-Sport.


Livepro Cerakote Olympic Bar 15Kg

Livepro’s Womens Colored Porcelain Training Barbells are a newly designed product. The colored porcelain part on the grips are bright in color and enhance resistance. Made of 42CrMo steel, they are high in strength, toughness, and are more durable.


Livepro Cerakote Olympic Bar 20kg

The LIVEPRO Men’s Cerakote Training Bar is a solid, versatile barbell for just about any application. We’ve tested it against the day-to-day demands of heavy training and it’s proven to last.


Livepro EVA foam roller

LivePro Foam Roller is designed and created to withstand robust and extensive usage. Its effect to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Shop today. Contact today +230 5433 2248.


Livepro Fitness/ Gym gloves

The Livepro Fitness glove is a superb quality, durable and top performer product that has a durable stretch insert over the back of the hand and between the fingers to increase flexibility, fit and breathability. It protect the palms of the hands for long training sessions. It has a snug fit with easy on off system and and shortened finger length for a natural grip. It has a soft-feel but is hardwearing.


Livepro Olympic Training bar 20Kg

Livepros Men’s Training Olympic Weightlifting Bar is stylish and has a huge tensile strength. The 4 rollers enhance the rotation force while reducing friction and wear.


Livepro Punch Pad

LIVEPRO hand target is made of durable leather, which is resistant to blows, and durable. The curved design is ergonomic and fits the hands, bringing users a comfortable experience. The middle EPE cotton thickened is 5cm, which will help to disperse the impact, have excellent rebound and avoid wrist injuries. PU hanging hole at the lower end of the opening, is not easy to burst when hit, giving athletes a more secure and comfortable protection.


Livepro Suspension Trainer

Get your Livepro training gear now! Buy Livepro Cross Suspension Trainer at K1-Sport. The trainer can be attached pull-up bar or any stable structure that can hold your body weight.


Liveup Anti-burst Gym ball 65cm

Perfect for yoga and fitness classes, fitness balls help increase flexibility and tone your muscles. It is ideal for sit-ups, back exercises and overall fitness. Shop today!


Liveup Exercise Ab Wheel

The core exercise wheel is perfect for getting an incredible upper body workoutIt also helps to trim and tone waistline.Feel the burn as you effectively tone and tightenLightweight and compact, the core exercise wheel is perfect for home, the gym or on-the-go.


Liveup Expander Set

Suitable for fitness programs, rehabilitation and general strength trainingProvide resistance for a great upper body, toning of arms, chest, shoulders and backKit Includes:Light / Medium / Heavy Resistance TubesHandlesAnkle Strap and Door Anchor


Liveup Lycra Ankle/Wrist weights Pair 0.5Kg

Helps to intensify regular training, tone muscles, force heart and lungs for more effort and thus increase cardiovascular fitness.


Liveup Lycra Ankle/Wrist weights Pair 1Kg

Helps to intensify regular training, tone muscles, force heart and lungs for more effort and thus increase cardiovascular fitness.


Liveup Pilates Ring

Check out our best price for Live Up Pilates Ring at K1-Sport store. Lightweight easy to use workout tool and easily stored and can be used anywhere. Shop today!


Liveup PVC yoga mat

Made of foam polyethylene, with cushioning and high traction for exercise.


Liveup Slim Belt

This waist slimming belt is useful in removing excess weight from the abdomen region. It can help tone the mid-section by increasing perspiration and providing support to lower back. It can be worn on a regular basis and shed excess water as you exercise.


Liveup Toning Tube Medium

100% free of Latex,highest quality rubber and TPR Foam. We are professional manufacturer, we pay more attention to the workmanship and also the raw material.The protective double layer end Sleeves reduces wear and provides Longer Band Life.


Liveup Toning Tube Strong

100% free of Latex,highest quality rubber and TPR Foam. We are professional manufacturer, we pay more attention to the workmanship and also the raw material.The protective double layer end Sleeves reduces wear and provides Longer Band Life.


Liveup TPE yoga mat

Features a high-traction surface for slip-proof and comfortable yoga sessions. 6mm thickness


Liveup Yoga Block

Easy to grasp foam brick supports posture and stabilityUse of yoga bricks help modify poses, safely deepen stretches and achieve optimal body alignmentGood support for balancing


Liveup Yoga Ring

Yoga wheel can strench, massage and adjust your spine. You are able to bend your back thoroughly, exercise your core muscle and relax yourself when lying on it.Our yoga wheel has fine size and weight with diameter 33cm and width 13cm


Liveup Yoga Strap

Yoga strap is made of high-strength high-quality polyester fabric, which is delicate, wear-resistant and not easy to deform. Help trainers better practice yoga posture and balance skills, as well as other exercises. It is convenient, light, healthy and environmental friendly. It can also be used to bind yoga mats to save space.


Power cage

Power cage with 60mm square bars. Spotter bars inside the cage with 4 J hooks to hold your bar.


Rubber Flooring Rolls EPDM Granules 4mm

Looking for an affordable gym floor for your new home or commercial gym? Then look no further than our 4mm Rubber Roll - Remnants. Great as flooring under fitness equipment or in high traffic areas, our 4mm Rubber Rolls were designed to be used in areas where heavy weights are not in use. Affordable and durable, these rubber rolls are made with the same material as our standard rubber rolls and feature all of the great benefits of our standard rubber rolls. These overrun remnant rolls are very limited in stock, so take advantage of this great deal while supplies last.


Rubber Hex Dumbbells

The best dumbbell from K1-Sport for bodybuilding exercises. Its hexagonal shape offers better stability. Delivers on quality, performance, and longevity with best price. Buy now!


simple Core Ground Trainer

Buy simple core ground trainer equipment for bodybuilding online at low price in Maritius on K1-Sport. Ground tightly and ensure the stability for your daily exercise.


Sparms - Face Shield

SParms UV face shield (neck gaiter) has been designed to provide ultimate sun protection for the face and neck.The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our face shield.The ear cut out allows for a comfortable fit without the risk of falling down.


Sparms - Legs Sun Protection

SParms Legs is the long awaited unisex leg protection. The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our SP Legs, providing ultimate UPF 50+ protection.Unlike the SParms Arms, there is an extra thick band to hold the SP legs up in its position. The band is much more tighter in its hold than the band used for our SParms Arms. In this regard, for greater comfort, we would recommend that you go up a size or choose the measurement closer to the unstretched measurement.


Sparms - Reusable Face Mask

SP V3 face mask was designed with the active person in mind.NEW AND IMPROVED! 2021/22 Updated with our new SP logo and slim line design. You will be pleasantly surprised. The fabric has been improved for comfort and breathability!


Sparms - Shawls Shoulder and Arms Sun Protection

The Sun Protection Shoulder Wrap sleeves are ideal for when you need a bit of extra support during the more rigorous activities. The connected area around the back keeps the sleeves locked in place and won’t slip off even in the most extreme movements.


Sparms - Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

As industry leaders in sun-safety leisure and sports apparel, SParms is constantly innovating new and improved sun protection solutions. Whether you’re planning a tennis tournament, a round of golf, a cricket match or hitting the cycling track, it’s more than likely you won’t have the time to be constantly re-applying sunscreen. To provide our customers with the highest level of defence, we’ve developed a new range of high-tech sleeves to protect your arms from the sun so that you can stay active outdoors for longer without worrying about skin damage.


Tri Grip Iron Cast Olympic Weight Plates

Shop Tri Grip Olympic Weight Plates. The solid steel precision hub ensures a perfect fit on Olympic bars. These are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance.


Tri Grip Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates

Shop Tri Grip Olympic Weight Plates Rubber coated to minimise floor damage. The solid steel precision hub ensures a perfect fit on Olympic bars. These are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance.


Vinyl Dumbbells

Vinyl Dumbbells perfect for classes and home workouts