Livepro Barbell Rack

Key Features

9-Peg Vertical Rack

Our free-standing, square bottom rack has enough spaced sleeves that allow the storage of 9 Olympic Barbell Bars. The weight bars with 5cm diameter can be stored and organized in the upright position. Engineered with solid steel material and evenly weighted box design helps to keep the bar straight, upright, safe and secure


Ultimate Bar Protection

Each peg of this barbell bar holder is lined with plastic for protecting the sleeves from any scratches and avoids metal-on-metal contact. The flat bottom ensures a sturdy base for consistently holding the bars.


Excellent Space-Saver

This vertical bar holder has a minimal footprint design that takes up a square foot of space. It can be set anywhere in your training zone that brings more workout space in your home, garage or commercial gym!


Maximum Compatibility

The option is not limited as our barbell bar floor stand is compatible with storing different types of bars. Rods with a 5cm diameter of Olympic Bars, Hex Bars, Curl Bars, Trap Bars, Triceps Bars, Dumbbell Handles can be organized.




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