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As industry leaders for over a decade, SParms’ innovative sun protection clothing offers a total rethink of the way we approach sun safety. We craft high-tech athletic apparel for sports and leisure to protect you and your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Our entire range of sun protection gear is made in Australia and is UPF50+ for unparalleled UVA and UVB coverage.

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Sparms - Face Shield

SParms UV face shield (neck gaiter) has been designed to provide ultimate sun protection for the face and neck.The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our face shield.The ear cut out allows for a comfortable fit without the risk of falling down.


Sparms - Legs Sun Protection

SParms Legs is the long awaited unisex leg protection. The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our SP Legs, providing ultimate UPF 50+ protection.Unlike the SParms Arms, there is an extra thick band to hold the SP legs up in its position. The band is much more tighter in its hold than the band used for our SParms Arms. In this regard, for greater comfort, we would recommend that you go up a size or choose the measurement closer to the unstretched measurement.


Sparms - Reusable Face Mask

SP V3 face mask was designed with the active person in mind.NEW AND IMPROVED! 2021/22 Updated with our new SP logo and slim line design. You will be pleasantly surprised. The fabric has been improved for comfort and breathability!


Sparms - Shawls Shoulder and Arms Sun Protection

The Sun Protection Shoulder Wrap sleeves are ideal for when you need a bit of extra support during the more rigorous activities. The connected area around the back keeps the sleeves locked in place and won’t slip off even in the most extreme movements.


Sparms - Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

As industry leaders in sun-safety leisure and sports apparel, SParms is constantly innovating new and improved sun protection solutions. Whether you’re planning a tennis tournament, a round of golf, a cricket match or hitting the cycling track, it’s more than likely you won’t have the time to be constantly re-applying sunscreen. To provide our customers with the highest level of defence, we’ve developed a new range of high-tech sleeves to protect your arms from the sun so that you can stay active outdoors for longer without worrying about skin damage.