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Proform Carbon TL

Proform Carbon TL Treadmill is the perfect treadmill for your home gym, made with ProShox cushioning, making your run more comfortable, meaning you can stay focused on your goals. Made with a 140cm deck, providing room to walk, jog, and run without feeling confined and the 46cm width gives you plenty of elbow room as you work out.


Proform Cross Trainer Carbon EL

ProForm® is America's No.1 selling fitness brand, with over 50 US Patents and over 20 years' experience in the industry. ProForm® Fitness works hard to produce equipment and technology that aspires to push you further each day.


Proform Sport TL

Walk, jog, and run around the world on the ProForm Sport TL Treadmill. SmartAdjust™ can automatically change your 0-16 kmph speed based on your workout history and performance for a hands-free, immersive experience. To change your incline, simply step off of the treadmill and set your incline manually to a 1% or 6% grade


Nordictrack Elliptical Se3i

The NordicTrack SE3i elliptical cross trainer allows for achieving an effective, low-impact cardiovascular workout and lets you tone your legs and arms simultaneously while training your heart.


Proform 225 CSX upright bike

The ProForm 225 CSX bike is equipped with magnetic resistance which is reinforced by the SMR™ system. This allows you to enjoy your sessions in silence and with ease depending on how high you wish to crank up the resistance. With a effective inertia of 8 kg, you will experience a smooth and comfortable pedaling motion. Finally, the digital resistance has 20 levels that can be changed by simply pressing + or - on your device for the best training.


Proform Rower Carbon RL

The smallest and cheapest model in Proform’s rower range that still manages to pack in the full benefits of iFit, the Sport RL sits comfortably in the mid-range for the price but packs a lot more than you might expect its sleek, modern frame.


Adidas C-21 Upright Bike

The adidas C-21 exercise bike comes fully equipped to help build cardio endurance and target lower body muscles without causing impact strain on sensitive joints.


Adidas Xtrainer X-21

The adidas X-21 Cross Trainer is ideal for all-round fitness, allowing you to build muscular and cardio endurance without having to put impact strain through sensitive joints. The rear-drive 10 kg / 22 lb flywheel is efficient at storing kinetic energy, which in turn maintains momentum and creates a smooth, quiet elliptical motion. You can easily adjust the intensity of your workout by using the quick resistance keys located on the fixed handlebars to select one of the 24 levels of electronic resistance.