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Proform Rower Carbon RL

The smallest and cheapest model in Proform’s rower range that still manages to pack in the full benefits of iFit, the Sport RL sits comfortably in the mid-range for the price but packs a lot more than you might expect its sleek, modern frame.


Liveup Resistance Bands

Shop the Resistance Band Exercise Loops to standard workouts. Great for assisted pull- up, weight lifting, pilates, yoga and stretching. Contact K1-Sport +230 5433 2248.


Liveup Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

The Chin-up Bar is an excellent upper body exercise tool. Allow you to perform wide and close-grip pull-ups and chin-ups, hanging abdominal exercises. Buy Now!


Livepro Fitness/ Gym gloves

The Livepro Fitness glove is a superb quality, durable and top performer product that has a durable stretch insert over the back of the hand and between the fingers to increase flexibility, fit and breathability. It protect the palms of the hands for long training sessions. It has a snug fit with easy on off system and and shortened finger length for a natural grip. It has a soft-feel but is hardwearing.


Liveup Anti-burst Gym ball 65cm

Perfect for yoga and fitness classes, fitness balls help increase flexibility and tone your muscles. It is ideal for sit-ups, back exercises and overall fitness. Shop today!


Liveup PVC yoga mat

Made of foam polyethylene, with cushioning and high traction for exercise.


Liveup Slim Belt

This waist slimming belt is useful in removing excess weight from the abdomen region. It can help tone the mid-section by increasing perspiration and providing support to lower back. It can be worn on a regular basis and shed excess water as you exercise.