Livepro Olympic Training bar 20Kg

Ready for Strength Training!  Cleans, jerks & snatchs will be easy with LIVEPRO's Training Olympic Bar. Livepros Men’s Training Olympic Weightlifting Bar is stylish and has a huge tensile strength. The 4 rollers enhance the rotation force while reducing friction and wear. The surface layer of the sleeves are electroplated, making the surface smoother, more beautiful, and easier to load and unload plates onto. The electroplated grip ensures the corrosion resistance of the poles. The medium level knurled design on the surface handles improves the grip and comfort. Even if the palm of the hand sweats during exercise, the barbell can still be firmly gripped.


Material: High carbon steel.
Medium knurling with good grip.
Weight distributed over 4 needle bearings and 2 bushings.
Tensile strength measured at 140,000 PSI.
Capable of supporting up to 300 kg.




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