Livepro Cerakote Olympic Bar 15Kg

Livepro’s Womens Colored Porcelain Training Barbells are a newly designed product. The colored porcelain part on the grips are bright in color and enhance resistance. Made of 42CrMo steel, they are high in strength, toughness, and are more durable. The surface of the sleeves are plated with hard chromium to increase corrosion resistance and prevent rust. The grip has a total of five sections of knurling and along with a stylish design, enhances the grip of the hand and effectively
prevents slippage.

Size And Dimensions

With its size ranging from 201cm (79.1”) Length / 2.5cm (0.98”) Grip / 131cm (51.5”) Center Length / 5cm (1.96”) Outer Diameter and its weight being 15Kg (33.07Lbs), this state-of-the-art barbell can withstand a weight Limit of 317Kg (700Lbs) and can give competitor bars a run for their money.





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