Sparms - Legs Sun Protection

SParms Legs is the long awaited unisex leg protection. The same fabric used to make our sleeves have been used to make our SP Legs, providing ultimate UPF 50+ protection.Unlike the SParms Arms, there is an extra thick band to hold the SP legs up in its position. The band is much more tighter in its hold than the band used for our SParms Arms. In this regard, for greater comfort, we would recommend that you go up a size or choose the measurement closer to the unstretched measurement.





Designed and certified in Australia, Made in Korea. 

When it comes to sun protection, most people gravitate towards safeguarding their face and upper body with hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and long-sleeve shirts. However, if you’re going to be spending active hours out in the Australian sun, don’t forget about protecting your legs.

At SParms, we are leaders in creating high-quality and durable sun protective clothing to shield your body from harmful UV rays while keeping you comfortable during both leisure and high-performance activities. Our collection of activewear includes sun protection clothing for legs that allows you to stay outside for longer whilst blocking the sun. If you’re out for a full day playing a round of golf, hitting the cricket pitch or clocking up the kilometres cycling, the SParms leg sleeve is the perfect sun safety accessory for you.

UV leg protectors made with sun-shielding technology

At SParms we have worked hard to develop sun protection clothing for legs — using innovative technology to shield your skin. Our leg sleeves will protect your lower half against 98% of UVA and UVB rays, which has earned us a UP50+ rating from ARPANSA — the Australian government body in charge of protecting citizens from radiation damage.

As leaders in supplying effective sun-protective leisurewear to our customers, we are always striving to innovate. This is what’s led us to create new products like UV leg protectors for premium sun safety.

Leg sleeves that provide comfort and flexibility

At SParms, we love sports and leisure activities as much as you do. That’s why we provide sun-protective clothing that doesn’t hinder your performance while providing the highest level of comfort and movability. Our leg sleeves have been constructed with an extra-thick band to ensure they stay in place as you move about. The sleeve section of the product has been made with high-quality lightweight Italian Meryl Microfibres and Spandex, woven together in a 3-D pattern to achieve a second-skin feel.

Not only will you have a full range of motion, but you’ll also combat potential damage and overheating from the sun — thanks to our moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology. With a range of leg sleeves in sizes from XS to XL — all of which can be selected in a number of different colours, including white, black, grey, aqua, beige, navy and camo blue — we cater for all outdoor enthusiasts.